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Utopiaa is a managed farmland that allows expressing their gratitude towards sustainable nature’s gift. Utopiaa project is suitable for every person in india looking for high returns over a specific period. Utopiaa provides a lot of abundant amenities to investors to enhance the great experience in a tranquil atmosphere. People are enjoying lots of profitable income over a quarterly, annually, 10th & 15th years of Long term investment in Agarwood and Sandalwood plantations on your plot has a 1500% return of Interest because the plantation has a high value of returns over 10 years and 15 years.
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SBI Housing

North Bangalore has become the prime zone and is in high demand with the rapid development in the area. Having the Bangalore International Airport in the north zone and other major Government offices like the DC (District Collector) office, government proposals for ITIR are contributing to this rapid growth. If you plan to invest on plot/land, now is the best time. The ROI will go as high as 250% by end of 2020. Below are our Projects of interest:
1. SBI - Green Town
2. SBI - New Bangalore
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Explore our diverse investment opportunities, including owning and cultivating agricultural plots, venturing into the tourism industry, and building your dream holiday home. Generate revenue through cultivating and harvesting high-demand crops, while also having the opportunity to build and rent out your holiday home. With a focus on sustainability and community impact, Ecopia offers you a chance to invest in Coorg's growth while preserving its natural beauty. Join us today and embark on a profitable and eco-friendly journey in Coorg.
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